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helios lubeoil® is your lubricant partner for energy saving.

helios lubeoil®is your lubricant partner for energy saving. Our experience in application, world-class products & respective technical advice, combined with our knowledge of global industry, craft and marine companies as customers, assures you of professional quality. Environmentally approved and non-polluting lubricants. Your high-performance supplier of high quality lubricants, greases, synthetic lubricants, helios PureFluid ®, PAO, PAG Gear Oil, GTL engine oils, etc. with many leading brands. We ensure your lubricating oil supply almost worldwide.

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Three efficient divisions with top specialists are working together to make a better use of your resources and reduce emissions to a minimum!!

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We are constantly trying to find ways and products meeting the world's growing and changing energy needs whilst increasing sustainability.


Lubricating Oil Analyzes

Lubricating Oil Analyzes

HLAS oil analysis management system for care, condition testing and error prevention of used lubricating oils and fuels in use.


Superyacht Services

Superyacht Bunker Services

Original, physical brand lubricant supplier helios Marine lubes: Klüber, Mobil, BASF, Shell and further Marine lubes. Direct delivery from manufacturer.


helios lubeoil® The Lubricant Company

Trust and reliability give a strong team to our customers.

The Yacht Lubricant Company System supplier Lubricants, lubricating greases, lubricating oils Performance since 1920
The Yacht Lubricant Company Sustainability confirmed from industrial customers, suppliers, startup investors and banks
helios lubeoil Premium Brand contractor helios lubeoil is contract partner of many brand manufacturers with direct goods access and the oil "Industry 4.0" company
helios lubeoil specs since 1964 Excellent advice - e.g. Lubricant specifications since 1964
Original lubricants Original greases  Supply only original lubricating oils and greases - From production directly to application
lube pail recycling Recycling of empty oil and fat containers; Officially approved (Germany); controlled collection to exclude refilling unauthorized third party.
helios digital transformation lubricants approved Industry 4.0 Digital Sync with customer process cost reduction 
lubricant express Qualified Provision - Express Supply
CLS Lubricant staff ISO 9001 helios The Lubricant Company Certified professionals, e.g. CLS - ZFS Plus, ISO 9001 ...
Schmieröl Entwicklung helios Development Lubricating oils and greases on behalf of the customer
Schmierstoffe Anwendungsorientierte Herstellung Application-specific production of lubricating oil and greases for customer applications - Custom Tailored
helios duty free marine fuel and lubes Regulations meet the differentiated and far-reaching lubricants concern e.g. ADR, CLP, Reach, customs permits, marine fuels, etc.
HLAS helios Lube Lab Center oil monitoring yachts HLAS oil analysis for control and cost reduction

helios lubeoil is your lubricant partner for resource efficient energy efficiency and carbon offset (CO² savings). Environmentally approved and non-polluting lubricating fluids. Your high-performance supplier of high quality lubricants, greases, synthetic lubricants, helios PureFluid®, PAO, PAG Gear Oil, GTL engine oils, etc. with many leading brands. We ensure your lubricating oil supply almost worldwide.

Reliable, permanent supplier to the industry, large and heavy industry, factories, trades and crafts for decades, starting in 1920.

helios lubeoil is living the every days business of the industrial and commercial mineral oil business. Prior to REACh helios produced in-house. In the meantime production was shifted to familiar REACh compliant plants. The customized production and development of greases and lubricants is constantly changing. We meet these requirements in almost all cases and for almost all applications.

Supply of industrial plants takes place with a lubricant tanker (pumped), usually on short notice and arrangement. Batches of 800 to 23,000 liters with e.g. industrial gear oils CLP 100 or e.g. transformer oil will be delivered on time and reliably. Tanker deliveries are made in Germany, Benelux, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain and Scandinavia, other countries by separate arrangement. Truck workshops and others receive auto gear oils and engine oils according to specifications. It goes without saying that smaller packaging or containers (IBC) are ready for delivery. As a ship supplier for bulk lubricants we are your partner, as well as for functional and control fluids subsea. Offshore Lubricants and Offshore Supply.

helios lubeoil® is proactive and innovative. Later guaranty and warranty cliaims may be avoided by early monitoring of planning and construction phases or fabrication and production. Increased wear or foreseeable damage can be detected in good time by using our recommended lubricant analysis systems. Our customers save time, money and effort through mutual trust in work and deliveries.

We are professional, future-oriented, effective and efficient. We serve the future of our customers.

We create sustainability in partnership. New basic fluids are used in many products, mostly mineral oil-free. Synthetic esters and GTL (natural gas transformed into liquid) are currently up to date for gear oils, greases, hydraulic oils and more. As far as possible we use at least Baseoil Group II.

Since 1919 lubricants are at our heart with our customer in mind. We prove our good quality and price-performance ratio every day. As a lubricant partner of Industry and Marine, we are constantly workin on innovation. We offer reliable quality and analytics.



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