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Mobil Turbo 319A-2

Mobil Turbo 319A-2

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Mobil Turbo 319A-2 is a fully synthetic lubricant developed to meet the performance requirements of Russian gas turbine aircraft engines which operate on mineral-oil-based lubricants. Formulated from a synthetic hydrocarbon combination of polyalphaolefin (PAO) and hindered ester based stock, Mobil Turbo 319A-2 is fortified with a unique chemical additive system. The resulting product has far superior thermal and oxidation stability than mineral-oil-based lubricants. The ability of Mobil Turbo 319A-2 to resist deterioration and deposit formation allows the potential for extended oil drain intervals and less frequent maintenance.
The closely controlled viscosity of Mobil Turbo 319A-2 at -51º C, along with a -60ºC pour point, ensure good low-temperature fluidity, permitting engine starting and lubrication at low temperatures. Mobil Turbo 319A-2 exhibits excellent bulk oil stability at temperatures up to 200º C (392º F). The evaporation rate of Mobil Turbo 319A-2 at high temperatures is significantly lower than mineral-oil-based products, and helps minimize oil consumption. The lubricant has excellent resistance to foaming.
Mobil Turbo 319A-2 is compatible with existing seal materials, including F Rubber (Viton A), H Rubber (Buna N), and silicone, as well as 11 metals used in gas turbine construction.

Features and Benefits
Mobil Turbo 319A-2 offers the following advantages and benefits:
- Low evaporation loss and oil consumption
- Reduced sludge and carbon deposits
- Improved bulk oil oxidation stability and extended oil drain intervals
- Compatible with existing seal materials
- Reduced engine maintenance, including potential for extended drain intervals

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